Choose from 9 large holiday cottages in Berwickshire

Large holiday cottages in Berwickshire

  • Riverview Mews, Berwickshire

    Riverview Mews, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Wedderlie Cottage, Berwickshire

    Wedderlie Cottage, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Home Castle, Berwickshire

    Home Castle, Berwickshire (sleeps 26)

  • Langton Castle, Berwickshire

    Langton Castle, Berwickshire (sleeps 26)

  • Carriage House, Berwickshire

    Carriage House, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Glenlea, Berwickshire

    Glenlea, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Roselea, Berwickshire

    Roselea, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Gerrick Cottage, Berwickshire

    Gerrick Cottage, Berwickshire (sleeps 8)

  • Westloch Cottage, Berwickshire

    Westloch Cottage, Berwickshire (sleeps 10)

If you're looking for a large holiday cottage in Berwickshire, this is the place for you. We have 9 large cottages in Berwickshire for you to choose from. We class a large cottage as one which sleeps 8 or more people, so the cottages below all sleep 8 or more people. The cottages are ordered by how many people the cottage will sleep, this means the cottages which sleep 8 people are at the top, and the further you go down the page, the larger the cottages.

There are 9 large holiday cottages in Berwickshire. Or you can always find large cottages in other counties.

Large cottages in Berwickshire

Pet Friendly
Cottage Name
Glenlea in Berwickshire
Coldingham, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scottish Borders
Pets Allowed
Wedderlie Cottage in Berwickshire
Westruther, near Lauder, The Scottish Borders

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