Choose from 11 large holiday cottages in Angus

Large holiday cottages in Angus

  • The Old School, Angus

    The Old School, Angus (sleeps 8)

  • The Water Tower, Angus

    The Water Tower, Angus (sleeps 8)

  • Beachside, Angus

    Beachside, Angus (sleeps 8)

  • Wester Auchleuchrie, Angus

    Wester Auchleuchrie, Angus (sleeps 14)

  • Golf View, Angus

    Golf View, Angus (sleeps 12)

  • Mill of Tannadice, Angus

    Mill of Tannadice, Angus (sleeps 8)

  • Binns Farmhouse, Angus

    Binns Farmhouse, Angus (sleeps 10)

  • Benvie Farmhouse, Angus

    Benvie Farmhouse, Angus (sleeps 12)

  • Tobees Farm, Angus

    Tobees Farm, Angus (sleeps 8)

If you're looking for a large holiday cottage in Angus, this is the place for you. We have 11 large cottages in Angus for you to choose from. We class a large cottage as one which sleeps 8 or more people, so the cottages below all sleep 8 or more people. The cottages are ordered by how many people the cottage will sleep, this means the cottages which sleep 8 people are at the top, and the further you go down the page, the larger the cottages.

There are 11 large holiday cottages in Angus - so you should find something to suit your needs! Or you can always find large cottages in other counties.

Large cottages in Angus

Pet Friendly
Cottage Name
Beachside in Angus
Lunan Bay, near Montrose
Benvie Farmhouse in Angus
Invergowrie, near Dundee
Pets Allowed
Golf View in Angus
Fowlis, near Dundee

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