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  • Villa Laila, Morocco

    Villa Laila, Morocco (sleeps 10)

  • Villa Adilah, Morocco

    Villa Adilah, Morocco (sleeps 16)

  • Villa Atlas, Morocco

    Villa Atlas, Morocco (sleeps 8)

  • Grande Villa Olive, Morocco

    Grande Villa Olive, Morocco (sleeps 8)

  • Villa Ammara, Morocco

    Villa Ammara, Morocco (sleeps 9)

  • Villa Amani, Morocco

    Villa Amani, Morocco (sleeps 8)

  • Villa Ryad Bab Menara, Marrakech

    Villa Ryad Bab Menara, Marrakech (sleeps 8)

  • Villa Rehana, Morocco

    Villa Rehana, Morocco (sleeps 6)

  • Villa Hayat, Morocco

    Villa Hayat, Morocco (sleeps 10)


There are 33 holiday villas in Morocco.

To help you locate your perfect holiday rental villa, we have detailed the available holiday villas by country. The villas on this page are all in Morocco. Whether you want a villa with a sunny beach location, or prefer to go for a country setting, we are sure to have something for you.

Holiday Rental Villas in Morocco

Villa Ryad Bab Aylan - Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa; Marrakech
Villa Code : Villa Ryad Bab Aylan
Sleeps : 4 (in 2 bedrooms)
...differ in layout and furnishings, but all will be of the same standard.Villa Ryad Bab Aylan in Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa is a two storey accommodationGround floorKitchen: Dishwasher, Oven, Hob,...
Pool Villa Orangerie - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Pool Villa Orangerie
Sleeps : 6
...Pavillion Lounge – outdoor covered terrace area with comfortable seating- Table tennis- BBQ- Smoking only permitted outside Estate- Set in an estate of 33 acres of private garden. Olive groves...
Villa Amandier - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Amandier
Sleeps : 6 and wonderfully designed rustic dining area mean you can entertain here in total comfort. All the bedrooms are decorated with the utmost attention to detail, from the furniture and wall hang...
Villa Rayan - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Rayan
Sleeps : 6
...comfortable seating as well as the option for al fresco dining with a large dining area, with seating for up to eight friends.Inside the property, laid out across several floors, there are three be...
Villa Rehana - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Rehana
Sleeps : 6
... family alike. Surrounded by the wilds of Morocco, this villa is steeped in earthy green hues which lay in a complementary contrast to the light blues of the clear Saharan sky. To further the awe of t...
Villa Ryad Bab Ighil - Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa; Marrakech
Villa Code : Villa Ryad Bab Ighil
Sleeps : 6 (in 3 bedrooms)
...Bedroom with en suite: Twin beds, A/C unit, Satellite TV, Flat screen TV, Patio doors, Terrace, Shower, WC, Single washbasin Facilities at Villa Ryad Bab Ighil in Al Maaden Villa Hotel &...
Villa Talal - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Talal
Sleeps : 6
...very own style, set against the warming textured walls which run through the entire home. The rooms each also have their own bathrooms, allowing for further privacy. When guests are ready to d...
Grande Villa Olive - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Grande Villa Olive
Sleeps : 8
...of private gardens.Interior of villa- 4 beautifully styled bedrooms (one double, one queen, one king and one twin) each with their own private en suite bathrooms with bath or shower- Fully equip...
Villa Amani - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Amani
Sleeps : 8
...and umbrellas for resting in between submerging yourself into the pools crystal clear water. Villa Amani perfectly merges the grandiose with the essential details that will make you feel at hom...
Villa Atlas - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Atlas
Sleeps : 8
...Souk or even planning a desert escape. For deeper contemplation, why not take a dip into the cooling depths of the outdoor pool? Stepping through the rustic front doors and upon exploring this villa...
Villa Khadija - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Khadija
Sleeps : 8
... the heat of the Saharan sun, set against the idyllic blues of the clear sky.This home is simply bursting with opulent features that are sure to make any holiday, a memorable experience for life. Perh...
Villa Rahila - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Rahila
Sleeps : 8
...pool. The pool itself is especially sophisticated, offering easy access for all guests via the roman steps and providing an amazing place to bask under the sun or moonlight.Decorating the pool area...
Villa Ryad Bab Menara - Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa; Marrakech
Villa Code : Villa Ryad Bab Menara
Sleeps : 8 (in 4 bedrooms)
...contemporary style whilst taking inspiration from authentic ryads. You will enjoy all the facilities and amenities available in the villa, from the four beautiful en suite bedrooms to the solarium a...
Villa Salamouni - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Salamouni
Sleeps : 8
...its very own bed, en suite bathroom and outdoor access. This gives guests ample opportunity to enjoy the sunrise or set from the comfort of their beds. It also allows for guests to be at one with...
Villa Soraya - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Soraya
Sleeps : 8
... 2: King size bed and balcony access- Double bedroom 3: King size bed and en suite- Double bedroom 4: King size bed and balcony access- Four bathrooms- Kitchen- Lounge- Dining: Large dining areaExteri...
Villa Zaria - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Zaria
Sleeps : 8
...accents and all boasting en-suite bathrooms. Two of the three bedrooms offer flexibility with the option to be set up with twin or double beds. Guests are bound to argue over the beautiful thir...
Villa Ammara - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Ammara
Sleeps : 9
...access- Four bathrooms - Kitchen: Large workspace, fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, kettle and coffee maker - Lounge: Large seating area, further lounge area with smaller seating area...
Villa Hasna - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Hasna
Sleeps : 10
... The spacious bedrooms are steeped in hues of beige and creams to highlight the space and encourage an atmosphere of warm tranquillity. Guests will be just as amazed by the bathrooms, with one, in par...
Villa Hayat - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Hayat
Sleeps : 10
...right atop an extensive golf course, this home is any golf lover's dream! Of course, the features of this home go way beyond the simple joys of golf, with a whole host of other activities ...
Villa Laila - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Laila
Sleeps : 10
... the comfort of those decadent beds. Further to this, there are terraces surrounding the home, each offering its very own glimpse into the surrounding nature, a perfect backdrop for socialising or pla...
Villa Zohra - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Zohra
Sleeps : 10
...Overflowing with bustling culture and steeped in a grand medieval heritage, Marrakech just oozes passion, life and excitement and you can have your very own Moroccan adventure from this beautiful...
Dar Madani - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Dar Madani
Sleeps : 12
...Double queen bed.- Suite 6:Caidal tent set up as a luxurious suite, experience the nomadic life and get your own space from the main building whilst still in ultimate luxury and comfort. Complete...
Villa Abbas - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Abbas
Sleeps : 12
...of the villa confines, there is a whole host of lively activities to get stuck in with. The nearest golf course lies just 13km away, and just beyond that, there is the main bustle of Centr...
Villa Akida - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Akida
Sleeps : 12
...- Six double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, king size beds, indoor and outdoor seating areas (two are suites with their own small pool)Annexe - Hammam, gym and games roomExterior - Garden wi...
Villa Maia - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Maia
Sleeps : 12
...sized pool where guests are free to splash, swim and sun at their whim. Picture early morning swims under the rising sun or feeling the heat of the sungrazing your skin as you rest on a lounger...
Villa Inaya - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Inaya
Sleeps : 14
...families, even both! The interior is a mixture of colours and hues of browns and creams, all accentuating the space and high-quality finishes. The bedrooms feature large, cosy beds, thought provok...
Villa Namira - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Namira
Sleeps : 14
...the al fresco dining area and indulge in a tagine and a cocktail while watching the sun slowly melt into the horizon.Inside the home, there are seven bedrooms. Five of these are located on the main ...
Villa Rokaya - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Rokaya
Sleeps : 14
...for romance. The bedrooms are especially notable, with some featuring freestanding baths which simple ooze intimacy, offering couples a passionate respite from this bustling home.This villa has ...
Villa Adilah - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Adilah
Sleeps : 16
...with a delightful shower. Furthermore, there are three separate units in the garden, each with one bedroom and a private bathroom, offering up to six guests that little extra space and priva...
Villa Charifa - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Charifa
Sleeps : 16
... exterior looks like a little scene from Paradise. Located in Marrakech's Palmeraie, the pink is complemented by a rich green roof and a magnificent and grand entrance, that stands behind a beauti...
Villa Kamilia - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Kamilia
Sleeps : 16
...dining area where guests are free to sample the delights of Moroccan cuisine, in the company of such raw, natural beauty.Inside the home, there is a natural palette featuring warm creams and brow...
Villa Assida - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Villa Assida
Sleeps : 19
...just outside of Marrakech. With traditional Moroccan architecture and stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the Atlas Mountains, Villa Assida is an ideal getaway and can accommod...
Moroccan Lodge - Marrakech; Morocco
Cottage Code : Moroccan Lodge
Sleeps : 25
...and suites are placed around the garden and pool. Built by the famous set designer Richard Cahours de Virgil the tents are all very theatrical and opulent. Each lodge represents different c...